Yvette Fuser

Dec 20, 2016 | Testimonials | 0 comments

My name is Yvette Fuser and I have been a female professional cyclist for many years, competing in the top level of female cycling throughout Europe. With help from In2 Motion during the past 2 years, they have allowed me to raise my level in professional cycling from being midway in the field to crossing the line with my hands in the air. Any sports person will know the feeling of crossing the line first, but In2 Motion made me realise this was not all about sports… it was about the way my mind worked in conjunction with my body. No amount of kilometres, hill climbs, and workouts in the gym, swimming or vitamins was going to get me across the line alone, my mind had to want me to be there as well.

In2 Motion’s expertise in Exercise Physiology connected my brain to my body, allowing it to believe in itself and reach a level of synchronicity I had never felt before. The ripple effect of it all extended beyond the bike, it extended into my work, my personal dealings with friends, colleagues and family. It refined the way I tackled each day when walking out the door in any capacity, giving any situation my best with quality being the deliverable in mind each and every time.

I would recommend In2Motion and their expert staff to any sports person who wants to gain that ‘edge’ on the rest. But at the same time, anyone who leads a busy work and personal, whether you are a Plumber, Builder, Accountant, Mother, Lawyer or teacher, a balance between the mind and body achieved through professional Sport Science and Exercise Physiology is a must to be a winner!

Yvette Fuser

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