At In2 Motion our physiotherapists treat a variety of soft tissue injuries such as muscle, tendon and ligament injuries as well as sports injuries. We treat people ranging from the general public, the elderly, local and elite athletes, children as well as people undergoing rehabilitation from orthopaedic surgery, workplace injuries and motor vehicle accidents.

Physiotherapy has widespread clinical application and is concerned with human function and movement, and maximising physical potential. Clinical skills and judgments are continually developed and updated after reviewing and evaluating the research evidence that underpins the profession.

Physiotherapy utilises a range of treatment techniques to help people recover from injury, return to an active lifestyle and improve quality of life. Our physiotherapy services cater to all age groups and include:






Dry Needling

Corrective taping

Exercise Therapy

Which technique works best for me?

Your physiotherapist will have to perform a consultation and physical assessment to determine the cause of the problem before choosing the appropriate technique that works best. It is also important to determine the pain pattern in terms of severity, irritability and nature of pain.

Sometimes, it is a combination of a number of these techniques over a certain time frame which is required to achieve the best results.